On the eve of Nottdance 2019 we’re looking back over the history of Nottdance.

Running from 8 – 12 March, Nottdance 2017 was the 24th edition at the festival and the first held at Dance4’s iC4C, with events hosted at Backlit Gallery, Derby Museums, ncn Lace Market Gallery, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham Contemporary, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham Playhouse and Wollaton Hall.

With open classes, artists breakfasts and performances from artists as varied as Lucy Suggate, Evangelia Kolyra, Sioned Huws, Roberta Jean, Theo Clinkard and Franko B, the festival also included a discourse strand entitled Nottdance Debates, curated by Matthias Sperling, co-curator of Nottdance 2019.

Did you know Nottdance festival outdates Dance4! Originally set up by what was then Nottinghamshire Council the festival was handed over to Dance4 after Dance4 moved to Nottingham and was given the privilege to curate a festival inviting artists from both far and wide and closer to home to share artistic perspectives that push the boundaries of current practice, unearth new knowledge, test ideas and challenge status quo.

You can view the developing flavours of the festival over it’s near 30 years in the Nottdance Archive.