With 11 days to go we focus on artist Joe Moran.

Joe Moran is a British-Irish artist and choreographer based in London with a wide-ranging practice incorporating theatre and gallery performance, curatorial projects, lecture-performance, drawing and spray paint works. Joe is Artistic Director of Dance Art Foundation through which his performance and curatorial work is produced.

Joe will be presenting his work, Thirst as a pop event prior to No-How Generator at nottingham Contemporary. In this work two performers navigate a complex, shifting terrain of power, submission, complicity and consent. In a single physical act, one moves from lying to standing to lying, mounted by another who never touches the floor.

‘The associations it produces are vivid violence, dependency, domination, weight, guilt, desire but the duet remains resolutely abstract, giving space for these readings to arise, mutate and complicate one another’ – Exeunt Magazine

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