Day 13 of our countdown means just 13 days left till Nottdance launches.

At the midway point of our countdown our focus falls on artist Katye Coe.

Katye has been researching themes of surrender and of the afterwards. This led to her hosting regular monthly open classes here at iC4C and having conversations and time spent with people who are currently, or have previously had experience of supporting women giving birth and those offering end of life care.

Katye teaches independently across the UK and internationally and her teaching practice is an extension of her performance practice. Katye is a certified Skinner Releasing Technique teacher.

Katye will be delivering one of her open classes at Nottdance which is suitable for all those with an interest in all forms of movement. You can sit and watch, engage, listen, reflect in your own time as Katye guides the class.

Katye will also be working with Matthias Sperling for his performance No-How Generator as performer. No-How Generator invites you to experience a ritual-like performance that connects perspectives from embodied cognitive science with shamanism and hypnosis. View the videos below as Katye and Matthias go through questions and answers surrounding the work.

PART 1 – About the title No-How Generator

PART 2 – Magic and Science

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