Just 2 weeks to go till Nottdance 2019 launches!

Today our countdown focuses on one of our Canadian companies at the festival, Maribé sors de ce corps.

Created in 2005 the company has produced a series of unique works, which at first glance nonchalant, are the starting point for a deep reflection on human nature and social mores.

Choreographer Marie Béland asks questions about dance, performance in general, and dance presentations, showing us their inner workings and sometimes their flaws. Her movement vocabulary draws together physical energy, absurd humour, pop culture, and audience involvement, in a juxtaposition of the senses that is as surprising as it is joyful.

Maribé sors de ce corps are bringing their work BESIDE to Nottdance 2019 in partnership with Montréal Danse. BESIDE relies entirely on live radio in each city where the piece plays. The performers say what they hear on the radio in the moment. Parallel to this, their movement score is made entirely of gestures from public affairs television programs.

You can watch this performance at Lakeside Arts on Saturday 12 October. You can also enjoy this work as part of our Nottdance Friday evening ticket deal. For more details on our ticket deals click here.

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