It’s 23 days till Nottdance 2019 and the focus today is on Nora.

Nora is dancers Stephanie McMann, Eleanor Sikorski and Flora Wellesley Wesley, three friends who have been dancing together with zeal, humour and love for almost a decade. For their work, Where Home Is they have invited the American choreographer Deborah Hay.

Previously a duo, Eleanor Sikorski and Flora Wellesley Wesley created Nora’s first evening length programme of work in 2015, Nora Invites Aggiss, Burrows, Fargion and Tanguy toured nationally and internationally during 2016 and 2017.

Nora Reels is a series of films produced by Nora, documenting dancers to chatting about dance. The aim is to amplify the voices of dancers as they reflect on personal and professional experiences.

At Nottdance 2019 Nora and Deborah Hay, who has been making exquisite, radical dances for over 50 years, made Where Home Is, a trio for three dancers, a trio in which the ‘trio’ is their home. They sing it, dance it, see it and find each other in it.

You can read this review written by Lilian Baylis about this new work.

You can view more about all their work here in addition to viewing their Nora Reels films here.

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