Four days to go until Nottdance begins and we’re looking at one of this year’s performers, Es Morgan.

Es is a queer performance artist, curator, writer, and producer from Hull, East Yorkshire.  Their practice draws from diverse interests in dance, drag, live art and writing. These performances manifest in many different contexts – for theatres, clubs and galleries.

Es’ work draws cues from climate activism, queer culture, and far-left politics, and attempts to carve out spaces for radically reimagining the future. Es flaunts the contradictions of being an activist and artist whilst surviving states of eroded agency. Es collaborates closely with dance artist and dramaturg, Charlie Ashwell. Together they have organised workshops, discussions, performances and research events exploring gender, androgyny, magic, monstrousness and post work futures.

Their new full-length work, Mum, I’m in the fourth dimension, see!, made in collaboration with Charlie Ashwell, premiered at The Yard Theatre. The work uses relentless, associative poetry and dance to expose the ambient anxieties and tensions of living in the UK in 2019. Their previous work, DRAG ON, has been performed at The Yard Theatre, La Fete du Slip (Lausanne, Switzerland), The Wardrobe Theatre, (Bristol) and Chisenhale Dance Space.

In our current state of global anxiety, Mum! slips into the cracks between mass extinction and mass production, full automation and a full face of makeup. Es Morgan presents a melting pot of tensions, crises and glimpses of utopia.