With just 6 days to go until Nottdance officially starts, our countdown today focuses on two artists from Friday’s Studio Sessions, Seke Chimutengwende and Alexandrina Hemsley, performing their work Black Holes.

Seke Chimutengwende and Alexandrina Hemsley began working together in 2016 on their multi-stranded project Black Holes. Exploring the potentials and problematics of Afrofuturism shapes their collaboration and the pair chat, dance, write and hold different spaces around embodied, speculative fiction(s). They situate their bodies inside shifting and imagined landscapes, searching for hopeful possibilities amidst the harshness of past and present dystopias. Their Black Holes project includes a new dance work (entitled Black Holes), a workshop series Unfunky UFO and public events We Fly and We Are Made.

Quote from Zoe Robertson, Literature student from University of Edinburgh “Black Holes is apocalyptic and unsettling, with fragments of explosive movement that reveal a deeper, thriving liveliness underneath. I have been talking about this show for days, considering the themes and conversations that it provokes, and for that, it has to be considered a success”.


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