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*Part of Friday evening ticket deal. If you book this performance with This, Where Home is and Fury1 you can watch them all for £25 or £20 concession price.

10 things/actions relations
… for a queer divine dissatisfaction : a blessed unrest…

A.Livingstone & Mich Cota tenderly join forces with each other and wild companion materials to activate a critical disturbance of territory, natures and cultures.
Smoke, Water, Earth, co-operate with the artists in the work of unsettling.

CHAUD collection 10 for Dance4 UK includes sound design by Berlin based composer Brendan Dougherty ( Economy & Failure) and features an electronic music song cycle performed by Mich Cota in English and Algonquin language with her own dances.

CHAUD Collection 20 is a commission from AGORA Montreal for 2020.
Création in residence @ Menagerie de Verre, Paris, Darling Foundry, Montreal 2018.

“CHAUD  sucks you in…things  flow and slide here, it’s hot…and yet, everything is there to extinguish you. CHAUD  catches you because the accuracy of the work transforms accumulations and repetitions into a manifesto. CHAUD is hyper current and points to all the contradictions of our world: climate and sexual identities in crises. Everything mixes in a very controlled disorder where the public is also absolutely a player. Installation, choreography, concert…the perfect hybrid…The dance  here is outside of all possible classical frameworks. There is a new way of performing here, without being locked in,  a very rare freedom…”
TOUTELACULTURE. Paris A.  Blaustein Niddam

Contains nudity. Suitable for ages 16+

Booking a ticket for this performance allows you entry into the following performance at Backlit, Fury1 by Last Yearz Interesting Negro with Rowdy SS.

CHAUD by A.Livingstone and Mich Cota
presented at Backlit Gallery

Backlit Gallery Nottingham, NG3 1JG