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SOFTLAMP.autonomies is a dance co-created by Malik Nashad Sharpe (aka marikiscrycrycry) and Ellen Furey where their concurrent solo practices collide, creating new textures and embodiments built upon not-yet-here, not-yet-attainable– solidarities and autonomies in between their bodies. Pivoting towards a pluralist aesthetics, suggesting possibilities beyond authoritarian and coercive visions, SOFTLAMP.autonomies is a repurposed slogan on-top of the abandoned office with a flickering light, deep in the deep blue hegemonic push, trying to believe.

SOFTLAMP.autonomies is an emptied slogan repurposed as a dance-floor ^ office with windows that open onto potential ruptures in the present hegemonic push. Our giant blood aunt, *Vaporwave, along with the invisible and undisclosed labour of each of her creators, embraces us in an aesthetic and under-dramatic, ultra midnight hug.

Suitable for ages 14+

“The performance creates a powerful and cohesive effective field that nonetheless permits a wide variety of responses to coexist: delight, stupor, impatience, awe, reverie, and, for me, a moment of pure adrenalized thrill.”
Philip Gates, Contemporary Performances (New York), January 2019

“This collaboration gives rise to a striking work into which both choreographers immerse themselves as interpreters with dedication and brilliance.”

Lucie Lezclause, DfDanse (Montréal), May 2018

SOFTLAMP.autonomies by Ellen Furey & Malik Nashad Sharpe
presented at Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham Contemporary, Weekday Cross
Nottingham, NG1 2GB

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