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Studio Sessions provide a space for artists to present, share and discuss their works and practices with an international industry audience.

Es Morgan will introduce Mum, I’m in the fourth dimension, see!  a dance, a poem, a fit of rage, an exorcism and a queer, secular hymn to the impending capitalist apocalypse. In the cracks between mass extinction and mass production, full automation and a full face of makeup, Mum!channels tensions, crises, and precarious utopias – exhausting and exorcising coherence in a torrent of loud, opulent melodrama.

Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome will share elements of a body rites itself. This moves from a practice accessing a highly skilled body in process. Unravelling and de-constraining multiple voice-bodies coming from the materiality/substance of the body. Moving from a place of pleasure, of un-knowing a sense of knowing. Reorienting and re-experiencing a sensuality of being in body-time. A rite unfolds.

Nicola Conibere will introduce her new project Carareretetatakakekerers as well as some other works:

“When you are fully occupied by that state it is possible to conceive otherwise unimaginable futures. I mean, it takes you over. You cannot control how you perform or position yourself. Other societies become possible. It’s like, all that energy, all that effort, for things to remain the same. I mean, barely perceptible difference. Maintenance. Repair. But, also, tidy room, tidy mind, you know? Like, why is my arm here, where is it usually, where do you put yours? ikr? Right? You know this feeling. I mean, I see you looking. Fleshy bollard worlds etc.”


Es Morgan Programme Notes Nottdance 2019
Fernanda Munoz-Newsome Programme Notes Nottdance 2019
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Studio Sessions: Es Morgan, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, Nicola Conibere
presented at iC4C

iC4C, Space 2
Nottingham, NG3 2AR

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