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Studio Sessions provide a space for artists to present, share and discuss their works and practices with an international industry audience.

Black Holes artists Alexandrina and Seke will introduce their duet Black Holes and share a section of the poetic text. Black Holes weaves together poetic text and movement to retell the history of the universe from the big bang through to the universe’s death.  Seke and Alexandrina combine elements of Science Fiction, and personal narrative to propel the personal experiences of racism onto a cosmic scale.

Charlie Ashwell will share spells, a development of their interest in witchcraft: a highly performative, historically rich and conceptually ambiguous set of subcultures and practices. Borrowing methods from both choreography and witchcraft to create a curious and ‘magical’ middle ground; encompassing dance, text and audience participation.

Dan Daw will discuss his latest show The Dan Daw Show. Humorous, challenging and ultimately self-aware, it interrogates Dan’s newfound relationship to power. It looks at the ways he has experienced losses of power because he is a Crip. It is not a show about overcoming adversity. It is, however, a show about how he attempts to empower himself and is situated between how things were and how they might be.

Pepa Ubera will introduce CHARCO, a choreographic laboratory that investigates ideas of success and their consequences on the individual psyche, as well as on broader political terms, while investigating and decoding male narratives of success.

Suitable for all.

Limited capacity.

Black Holes Programme Notes Nottdance 2019
Charlie Ashwell Programme Notes Nottdance 2019
Dan Daw Programme Notes Nottdance 2019
Pepa Ubera Programme Notes Nottdance  2019

Studio Sessions: Black Holes, Charlie Ashwell, Dan Daw and Pepa Ubera
presented at iC4C

iC4C, Space 2
Nottingham, NG3 2AR

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