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Nottdance 2019 welcomes Matthias Sperling as co-curator alongside, Paul Russ, Artistic Director of Dance4. Through their collaborative dialogues they are seeking to highlight & bring together a sampling of the practices, urgencies and contexts that they perceive as making vital contributions to the current field of dance and its ongoing evolution, with a focus on the ecology of practices in the UK.

“I’m thrilled you’re joining us for the 25th edition of Nottdance, a festival that invites you to see and delight in extraordinary new ideas in dance. Whether you’re a seasoned Nottdance devotee or a first timer welcome to what promises to be an intriguing edition.” Paul Russ, Artistic Director, Dance4

Dance4’s iC4C building aims to offer fully accessible creative facilities. These include:

– disabled parking bays in the car park
– lift
– level access to all areas
– disabled WC/showers
– baby changing
– loop system in the studios

Please let us know how we can support your visit; we welcome any feedback on how we can improve our offer. For more information on the other venues of the festival or for any access requirements you can visit their websites or give us a call on 0115 924 2016.

Most festival venues, and the festival hotel are walking distance from each other. A tram system serves the city alongside an award winning bus service. Each of the venues for the festival are all able to be reached via public transport and so we encourage you to use these services to avoid any parking issues and in the interest of encouraging an eco-friendly participation with the festival. Below you can find information around the public transport available between each of the venues.

TRAM – NET Tramlink
The trams in Nottingham all run through Nottingham train station. You can take the tram to two of the venues for the festival, both Lakeside Arts and Nottingham Contemporary.

Tickets for the tram must be purchased before boarding the tram so please allow time for this as you can’t purchase a ticket on the tram and may be fined for travelling without a ticket. Ticket machines are available at each tram stop.

If travelling to Lakeside Arts or Nottingham Contemporary and you have your festival tickets with you, you can purchase an ‘Event Return’ ticket deal for £2.50. Just select ‘Event Return’ on the ticket machines. A standard single ticket on the tram is £2.30. The ticket machines give change and you can also use debit/credit card to pay. For the ‘Event Return’ ticket you will need to show your event ticket along with your tram ticket to the conductors on the tram. For more information about the trams please visit

Nottingham operates an award winning bus service, NCT, with the worlds largest fleet of bio-gas double decker buses. Each bus is wheelchair accessible and equipped with USB charging points, free Wi-Fi and audio announcements for each stop.

An adult single ticket is £2.30. These buses do not give change so please ensure you have exact change if using the bus. If going into the city centre from Dance4 you can get the 24/25/27 bus (Lilac Line) bound to ‘City’ using the ‘Short Hop’ fare instead which is £1.40. For more information on other bus routes please visit

DG taxi’s 0115 9607 607 or 0115 9500 500. Alternatively, you can download DG app.
Nottingham Cars 0115 9700 700. Alternatively, you can download the NC app.
UBER is available and active in Nottingham City Centre, or you can support black cab drivers and download FREE NOW (mytaxi) app from any smart phone and get a promo discount on your first ride.

City Card Cycles Pick up a bike from one of the on-street docking stations from as little as £1. Prices are capped at £4 a day and you can hire a bike for up to 24 hours.
For more information and locations please follow the link or download the app from any smartphone app store.

NHS Urgent Care Centre Walk-In Centre
Seaton House, City Link, Nottingham NG2 4LA
+44(0)115 883 8500
Open: 7am – 9pm

QUEENS MEDICAL CENTRE (QMC) Accident and Emergency
Derby Road, Nottingham NG2 2UH
+44 (0)115 924 9924


Nottdance hub at Dance4’s international Centre for Choreography (iC4C)
iC4C international Centre for Choreography
Dakeyne Street
Nottingham, NG3 2AR

Backlit Gallery
Ashley Street
Nottingham, NG3 1JG

Nottingham Contemporary
Weekday Cross
Nottingham NG1 2GB

St Mary’s Church
40 High Pavement
Nottingham, NG1 1HN

Nottingham Lakeside Arts
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD
University of Nottingham Tram Stop. From the City Centre, you take a tram that ends at either Hucknall or Toton Lane


Getting to Dance4’s international Centre for Choreography building (iC4C)
You can use the 24/25/27 bus (Lilac Line) from the city centre heading to Carlton and get off at ‘Handel Street’ stop. This journey takes approximately 5 – 7 minutes. After getting off the bus cross the road to Kind Edwards park and take a left onto Dakeyne Street. You can also this bus to get back into the city centre for other festival venues in the city centre or get a connecting tram to Lakeside Arts.

To view this journey on your own device please click the link here.

Getting to BACKLIT
BACKLIT is a short 2 minute walk from iC4C. To get here from the city centre you can catch the 27 bus (as if you were going to iC4C but take a right instead of a left on to Alfred Street South as seen on the map below.

To view this journey on your own device please click the link here.

Getting to Nottingham Contemporary
Nottingham Contemporary is located in near the Lace Market. You can reach this venue via tram (going either way) and get off at the ‘Lace Market’ stop.

To get to Nottingham Contemporary if you are coming from Lakeside Arts, there is a tram stop just outside Lakeside Arts venue on the main road. From here please get the Hucknall bound tram direct to Nottingham Contemporary. This journey takes approximately 18 minutes (without any added delays). You can also get the 34 or ‘Skylink’ bus from Lakeside Arts. If getting the ‘Skylink’ bus you will need to get off at Maid Marian way and take a 7 minute walk via Collins Street.

To view this journey please click the link here.

Getting to St Mary’s Church
St Mary’s Church is on the same road as Nottingham Contemporary. (Just 120 metres away) The same directions in getting to Nottingham Contemporary apply with an added 2 minute walk down the road (High Pavement) so you pass ‘Pitcher and Piano,’ and keep walking until you reach St Mary’s Church will be on your left.

Getting to Lakeside Arts
Our suggested option to get to Lakeside Arts is to catch one of Nottingham’s regularly scheduled trams. Coming from the city centre please get the Toton bound tram from either Nottingham train station or ‘Lace Market’ or ‘Old Market Square’ stop to Nottingham Lakeside Arts stop. This journey takes approximately 15 minutes from ‘Old Market Square’. All trams are wheelchair accessible with audio announcements for each stop. Below is a map to get to Lakeside Arts from iC4C.

To view this journey on your own device please click the link here.