The Choreographic Lab (founded 1996)  is a platform for sharing choreographic and embodied movement processes and practices run by Research Directors Vida Midgelow & Jane Bacon. They have been working as movement artists & in Higher Education for over 25 years.  The Lab designs and curates bespoke frameworks and spaces for exploration and exchange in the form of workshops, research intensives, mentoring and dramaturgical support. Their artistic work draws on the somatic, improvised, felt sense and therapeutic approaches to continually explore their fascination with the articulation of artistic process as performance.

They created Creative Articulations Process (CAP), a model for the facilitation of creative research practices, based on their experience of somatic practices such as Authentic Movement, improvisation and Focusing, which is being widely used by artists and students in many countries. They are also co-editors of the international Journal Choreographic Practices which encourages and supports the development of new writings that blur the boundaries between theory and practice.

Jane M Bacon
Dance Artist/Academic, Jungian Psychoanalyst, Focusing Trainer and Teacher of the Discipline of Authentic Movement. Jane Bacon is Emerita Professor Dance and Somatics at University of Chichester and lives in Northampton, UK. She has over 30 years of experience facilitating and lecturing in dance and performance and over 15 years experience as a psychotherapist and Authentic Movement teacher. Her installation work has been shown internationally and she publishes her research in professional, online and academic performance and psychotherapy journals.

Vida L Midgelow
Dance Artist/Academic, Vida L Midgelow is Professor in Dance and Choreographic Practices at Middlesex University, London, and lives in Derbyshire. With over 20 year experience facilitating and lecturing in performance. Crossing modalities these interests manifest in movement, performative lectures, video and facilitated practices as well as in various forms of writing. She is currently invested in advocating for improved doctorate education and is leading the EU funded project ‘Artistic Doctorates in Europe’ partnering with Dance4, Weld Stockholm, Zodiak Helsinki, Middlesex and Chichester Universities, University of the Arts Stockholm, University of the Arts Helsinki.