It’s day 10 of our 25 day countdown to Nottdance meaning we have just 16 days till Nottdance 2019 launches!

Our focus today lands on artists Malik Nashad Sharpe and Ellen Fury.

We’re delighted to have their work SOFTLAMP.autonomies come to Nottdance, having performed the work at American Realness festival (January 2019), La Chapelle in Canada (May 2019) and Impulstanz (August 2019), the work comes to Nottingham. You may also recognise the main image for Nottdance 2019 here as artist Malik Nashad Sharpe.

Two figures dressed in white, electronic music and a drifting voice sending Yung Hurn’s dreams of and appeals to togetherness – “Baby, you wanna chill and stuff / Fly with me through Vienna and stuff ”– as well as the effect of pills into space in a loop.

“The performance creates a powerful and cohesive effective field that nonetheless permits a wide variety of responses to coexist: delight, stupor, impatience, awe, reverie, and, for me, a moment of pure adrenalized thrill.”
Philip Gates, Contemporary Performances (New York), January 2019

You can watch this performance following the Nottdance launch event.

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