Jamal Sterrett is 22-year-old dancer, artist and cinematographer from the streets of St Ann’s, Nottingham. Self-taught, Jamal uses ‘bruk up’, flex and ballet to blend and create performance art within outdoor environments. Jamal takes in energy from his surroundings and converts it into the physical world through his body and see his dance work as coming from the inside out rather than being taught onto the body.

Jamal’s daily practice is inspired by the heart of St Ann’s and CRS (Community Recording Studio) and happens in a variety of outdoor locations across Nottingham City. Expressing the intricacies of life’s chaotic beauty Jamal remains open to channel wherever his heart feels the most. His daily practice opens the possibilities for passers-by to watch in bewilderment, disgust or wonder as he takes energy from those individuals and makes something tangible through his unique freedom of expression, repeating movements until his body can’t move any more. Emotional at times, Jamal’s practice explores subconscious thoughts and frustrations through his current state of reality and responds to society’s need to operate on a surface level of survival which leave little space for unique freedom of expression.

Through his dedication Jamal has gained national recognition for his style and is currently being supported by The Renewal Trust and Dance4, Jamal looks into bringing street to stage and producing his first solo performance combining dance, music and cinematography.