Mich Cota is a Two-Spirit Algonquin – mixed woman working across community lines and disciplines. Her work is focused on celebrating queerness, trans visibility and the spectrum of Indigeneity. Cota is a laureat of the Indigenous Voice Awards 2018 Canada for the most significant musical work in alternative format. Pitchfork recognizes her debut album Kija / Care “..as a triumphant statement against societal norms..a stunning experimental pop composition… Cota’s art and life are an act of resistance”. Self taught, her practice is informed by her youth in small town Ontario, experiences with powwow culture and classical music. Her 2019 creation Wàsakozi, the first experimental opera in Algonquin language was commissioned and presented by MAI Montréal. As a performer she features in the performance installation les etudes ( hérésies 1-7) created by Antonija Livingstone & Nadia Lauro. Cota co-creates with A.Livingstone new performance actions together for 2020, CHAUD collection“…for a blessed unrest…”