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Jamal Sterret is dancer, artist and cinematographer from the St.Anns area of Nottigham who explores his styles every day in different locations in Nottingham. Come and watch his unique self-taught style blending ‘bruk up’, flex and ballet.

His practice opens the possibilities for passers-by to watch in bewilderment, disgust or wonder as he takes energy from those individuals and makes something tangible through his unique freedom of expression, repeating movements until his body can’t move any more.

Emotional at times, Jamal’s practice explores subconscious thoughts and frustrations through his current state of reality and responds to society’s need to operate on a surface level of survival which leave little space for unique freedom of expression.

Find him outside Apalts dry cleaners, 22 Cartlon Street, Nottingham, NG1 1NN

Suitable for all. No booking required.




Open Practice with Jamal Sterrett
presented at NG1 1NN

NG1 1NN United Kingdom